Time and Motion Study for Family Arbitration

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Time and Motion Study for Family Arbitration

June 23, 2017 Blog Time and Motion Study 0

Time and Motion study is designed for Manufacturing unit and its utilization is mostly designed for ensuring the best output from the best combination of human and tools. However, there are ways to utilize Time and Motion Study tools to identify past time investment and identify the possible loss occurred due to procrastination or other circumstances.

Here are the key objectives which could help to perform Time and Motion study for Business / Job.

  • Check work flow
  • Hirarchy Management
  • Decision making dependancy matrix
  • Value added and Non Value added activities
  • Time investment required and actual ratio
  • Total investment and property evaluation
  • Total Leads managed or handled
  • Total Business Opportunity
  • Total Business Opportunity lost due to not been present
  • Total Business Opporutnity lost due to Error / Not Handled it properly. ( Stress and Other mentel conditions)
  • Total Business Opportunity lost due to uncompetibility of the company. ( Not to be claimed)
  • Account and taxation audit to confirm the loss
  • Business Volume if opportunity won.


Based upon it we can identify following areas to define damage or loss hapen due to lawsuit.

  • Identify delay in decision making due to less time allocated to the profile
  • Identify cancellation of meeting / Delay in meeting and projected loss based upon privious clousers.
  • Identify loss in beusiness due to stress and unproducive mental condition.

These data of research coud be used for deriving concusion for opportunity and business loss due to a person’s unavalibility or avalibility with mental strass.



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