Critical To X Overview – Six sigma

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Critical To X Overview – Six sigma

April 23, 2017 Six sigma Blog 0

Critical to X factor is very important in the cycle of Six Sigma Process. In simple words critical to X factor has an impacts on customers, where x is a variable that corresponds to a critical area. These factors are effecting from customer satisfaction to operations’ safety at organisation level. There are several methods and matrix to define and calculate the CTX.

Let’s look in to key types and basic overview of CTX requirements.

A. Critical-to-Quality (CTQ):

CTQ is the key characteristics which developed from an examination matrix of different customer needs. These customer needs include dimensions such as height, width, depth and weight of products. For example, customers may specify 1 – 2 pounds to be the ideal weight for a NET book computer. Unlike other measures of customer wants,Suzuki Fairings, customer needs that are directly related to product features like sim card slot or 3G connectivity are an important component of this Six Sigma methodology.

B. Critical-to-Cost (CTC):

CTC areas define the impact of costs on the customer. To manufacture one product includes number of costs for components, assembly and shipping. These all would be included in the construction of a CTC tree. For example, management in a mobile company exporting phone in next state via road way. Now due to increase in petroleum cost may understand that a price per unit of mobile is now ideal for 80% of their customer base due to budgetary factors.

C. Critical-to-Satisfaction (CTS):

CTS define very specific areas of entire application that contribute to customer satisfaction such as feedback , PR and attention to detail and processing of complaints. These factors are very useful to manage market standards and branding more motorcycle fairings, More satisfy customers will also help in to mouth to mouth marketing strategy for generating futuristic demand.

D. Critical-to-Process (CTP):

CTP define process variables which are typically designed for input variables. Key factor affecting the process are many For an example, if the production of certain milk products requires specific temperatures, hygiene and humidity ranges, those will be considered CTP areas under CTX.

E. Critical-to-Safety (CTS):

CTS is very important and mandatory for customer safety parameters. CTS define customer needs that are concerned with safety terms. For example, a company manufacturing truck tyre may decide that all pair of tyres above 10 pounds will be marked with a label warning against possible back injuries when lifting. Suzuki Fairings,These will be useful for safety and health factor of customers.

In my career I have utilized Critical to X factor for many of my IT, Production and Construction domain clients during six sigma green and black belt project. And I experienced that CTX factor are very essential to define for result oriented approach towards your product marketing and branding.


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